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Homebound: first day

We started our first day off with a simple morning time routine each and shared something we're grateful for and then sang a song together.  Though I recognize it's truly a luxury to consider this time together at home a gift, I'm leaning into that gift and seeking to deepen our sense of gratitude as a family and as individuals. We have what we need, and more, unlike so many others who have no income stream in the midst of this. I've been thinking a lot about people who live alone and have no company. I pray God would comfort them and that the community around would reach out in ways that are safe and appropriate.  The boys each did some copy work and we watched a few videos about Saint Patrick. Then we made clover hats and talked about how the Saint Patrick used the clover to illustrate the Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. (I never knew that!) We took a nature walk on the trails in our neighborhood. After lunch and quiet time we did watercolors on the back

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