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Spring Things


Spring is here and we are enjoying the warm days, the sunshine and the flowers starting to bloom. It's been great to get out to playgrounds more often and to play outside in the backyard lots, too.

The boys have been into making "potions" from sand, various leaves and buds from trees and who knows what else. Our backyard isn't huge but they use the space well. They are both doing soccer this spring (it is a free league!) and have dabbled in some backyard baseball, too. Willem is determined to wear his cleats every time he plays, like any serious ball player must do.

Theo presented his animal report at the coop and I stayed to watch the presentation. He wasn't nervous at all! He strode to the front of the room and announced with flourish, "My presentation is on the Komodo DRAGON!" We worked together on a huge poster with pictures and facts and he was able to remember most of the facts on his own while presenting. (Komodo dragons eat their own youn…

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