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Far Out, Dude.

Greetings! Today the sun is shining and that is cause for celebration!

I am excited about the new direction we have taken in our homeschool: focusing on hands-on activities and for the most part, laying the workbook aside. I glance through them to gather the ideas I want to share with Theo and then chuck them in the trash where they belong (jokes).

(Theo did threaten to throw "How To Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Days" in the trash last night. His hatred for this book is growing exponentially by the day. I wish I understood why; too formulaic? Too easy? Don't know. Eric told him to finish the book and that we would then have a bonfire in which it is reduced to ashes.)

Time is valuable these days, with the many things we do on a day to day basis (though I think our busy/rest balance is pretty spot-on for the most part), and I have found that Theo's capacity for focused schoolwork is limited (at the very most) to an hour. BUT only if that hour is spent doing hands-on…

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